Safety Rules and Guidelines for Staff

Our mission is to deliver a SAFE, efficient and affordable means of alternate transport on the inland waterways for the people and business of Lagos State. At Lagos Ferry services, SAFETY of passenger and staff is very dear to us. In this light, we strive to ensure the following safety rules and guidelines

SAFETY Rule And Guidelines For Staff

  • All our captains and deckhands are licensed, experienced and competent to sail our ferries on the Lagos waterways.
  • Our ferries are always checked by maintenance engineers before any trip to ensure that they are in good condition and fit for the trip.
  • Wearing of Lifejacket is a must for both adult and infant before you board our ferry
  • All our ferries carry a serviceable fire extinguishers and well equipped First Aid Box
  • All safety equipment on board are checked, in good conditions and easily accessible in the advent of emergency situation
  • There is sufficient water in the toilet and enough fuel for the trip duration
  • None of our captains, deckhands or staff is under the influence of alcohol before or during operation hours
  • We do not travel at night or when the visibility is poor
  • Our Ferries are not loaded beyond their capacity
  • Our captains operates at regulated boat speed
  • Our captains avoid current and turbulent water
  • Our ferries undergo regular daily, scheduled maintenance and repair always
  • We think of safety always
Safety Rules & Guidelines

SAFETY Rule And Guidelines For Passengers

  • Be assured and believe that water transportation is the safest of all mode of transportation
  • On your first trip, be in company of a friend or someone who is used to travelling by water and is familiar with the waterways you are making use of
  • Be sure the lifejacket is worn properly, double check and be sure it fits in, with the buckles and belt well fastened
  • Fill the Manifest before boarding the ferry
  • Use the grab rail when necessary and please do not lean on it
  • Avoid unnecessary arguments and discussion while on a trip
  • Do not panic or raise false alarm among the rest of the passengers while on board
  • Always Listen to the instructions from the Captain and Deckhands
  • Avoid jumping off or steeping off in a dangerous place
  • In case of emergency, stay calm and follow the captains directives
  • In case of emergency scene, call the Lagos State emergency number 767 or 112
  • Please do not throw any waste in the water
  • Avoid Alcohol while on board
  • Avoid night travels, waterways closes by 6pm
  • Avoid Overloaded boat and report any case of overloading to office of Lagos State Waterways Authority.
  • Ask precise and specific questions from the deckhands
  • Travel with LAGFERRY again
  • Take a course in swimming