• Safety of Our Passengers/Terminal Users remains our topmost Priority.
  • Regular Hand Washing with Water and Soap at our Jetties/Terminals
  • Use of Hand Sanitizers at our Jetties/Terminals and onboard our Boats
  • Wearing of Hand Gloves by our Operational Staff
  • Wearing of Nose Masks by both our Staff and Passengers
  • Maintaining Social Distancing of at least 2 meters or 3 feet at our Jetties/Terminals and onboard our Boats
  • Compulsory Checking of Passengers’ Temperature with Infrared Thermometers at our Jetties/Terminals
  • Compulsory Filling of Trip Manifest by Passengers at all times
  • Regular and Continuous Sanitization of our Boats after every trip
  • Regular Washing of Passengers’ Lifejackets
  • Compulsory Wearing of Lifejackets aboard our Boats by Passengers and Crew Members.
LAGFERRY…Sailing You Safely